What can I find here?

The Mephistoles Internet Suite includes so far a HTTP server, a FTP server, a DNS caching server, a  NetBIOS client and a www-client that can fetch pages via HTTP (other protocols planned). Most programs are written in Perl and are thus quite small (but need a perl-installation).

What are the goals of this project?

My goal was to understand completely the programs that were listening for connections on my computer. Call it paranoia, but I was feeling uncomfortable with Apache's thousand-and-one options.
And then, I needed a program that allowed CGI-scripts to be run as root. Until today, I never figured out how to use apache to do this... (BTW: Boa can do this and is also a light-weight http-server. You might want to check it out!)

That's all nice and dandy, but is it usuable?

Most programs are. Check the status page!